3 Action Game Maker Sample Games from Enterbrain

posted on 21 Feb 2009 01:28 by boxsuke in Miscellaneous, News

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Action Game Maker Sample Games

I'm sure many people have heard about Action Game Maker, the new game maker software from Enterbrain. Now they have 3 sample games (in Japanese) available for download~!! These games basically will tell you what you can make using this new game maker.

Thank for the information. This site is not the official site by the way, since AGM might not be released in English. However, if it doesn't, I'm sure someone will translate it to English anyway.


You can see that there are RPG Adventure, Platformer, and Shooting games. These are the sample games Enterbrain just released.


You can download it from Download page. There is link to download Direct X 9 if you haven't had one. Sample Games Download Page

You can also visit forum to discuss about this new coming game maker software.



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