VX Full Game: Horror - Eclipse by Hexagon

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* เกมหลอน ๆ ของคุณ Hexagon ครับ (คนไทยน้อ) เพลไทม์ประมาณ 1 ชั่วโมง+ (แล้วแต่คนเล่น) ซึ่งเกมนี้เป็นเกมตัวเต็ม เพราะงั้นไม่มีแบบเล่นมัน ๆ อยู่เกมขึ้นมาว่า เดโมจบแล้ว อะไรประมาณนั้นแน่ ๆ ถ้าสนใจสามารถแวะไปที่กระทู้ในไทยแวร์ได้เลยครับ กระทู้เกมภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่


If you like horror games, you couldn't miss this! It's Silent-Hill style game made in RPG Maker VX by Hexagon. I will post game's information in this entry. If you are interesting to play this game, click here to go to Eclipse thread.



Hello everyone. I'm here to present my work on RpgMaker VX to you.
It's a horror game that was inspired by Silent Hill.
Because of that the game name was going to be "Silent Hill: Eclipse"but in the end I decided to use only "Eclipse."
So, don't surprise if you found this game like Silent Hill because that's what I had intended it to be from the beginning.
If you like horror games, I hope you'll enjoy this.
and thank you to echorev for edit all my bad english stuff.

- Character selection!
In Eclipse you can choose between 2 different protagonists, each with unique stories!

- Different events, different choices and endings!
Your actions and choices will determine certain events and endings!

- Complex story!
You will need to play both characters to unlock the entire story!

- Horror!
This game's atmosphere is entirely dark, save for the light of a single lantern. Be careful! Anything could be
lurking just beyond the next door...

- Shooting system!
You can equip weapons and attack oncoming enemies! But just make sure you don't miss!


Mack_mapchip,Sithjester's RMXP resources,Silent Hill series

DeadlyDan, Kylock, Hevendor , Jirbytaylor, PR Coders, Mr. Anonymous,
Asdren Abazi, Woratana

English Editor


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VX Neo Save System script by Woratana

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* สคริปต์ระบบเซฟแบบหน้าจอต่างไปจากเซฟแบบเดิม ๆ ครับ สามารถดาวน์โหลดเดโมที่หัวข้อ Demo ด้านล่างครับผม

Neo Save System
Version 3.0
by Woratana
Release Date: 04/05/2008

This script will allow you to have unlimited save slots. You can also change save file's name and path.

It will replace old Save/Load scene with new interface,
and you are able to use image as background if you don't like windowskin. tongue.gif

Each save slot in this Neo Save System will have screenshot, so you will need screenshot.dll by Andreas21. smile.gif
(You can download it below script in this post~)

Version 1.0

# - Unlimited save slots, you can choose max save slot
# - You can use image for scene's background
# - Choose your save file's name, and folder to store save files
# - Choose to show only information you want
# - Editable text for information's title
# - Include Screenshot for each save file, you can choose its image type
# - Remove text you don't want from map's name (e.g. tags for special script)
# - Choose map that you don't want to show its name
# - Include save confirmation window before overwrite old save


Save/load screen without background

Save/load screen with background

Here is the newest version~!!

This is the demo for script smile.gif
Thanks Enterbrain's sample map for sweet map in demo. smile.gif

This version will show tilemap, not character as a screenshot. And it needs no image file. ^^

- Don't forget to put screenshot.dll in your game folder!
- If you want to use background image, you have to put the image in folder 'Pictures'
- You can change setting in script's setting part.
- Make sure to put this script above Main.

Author's Notes
Free for use in your non-commercial work if credit included. If your project is commercial, please contact me.

Please do not redistribute this script without permission. If you want to post it on any forum, please link to this topic.

Bug Report?
Please give me these informations:
- What is it says in error window?
- When is it get error? (Right after run game, when you choose something, etc.)
- What have you changed in setting part?
- Do you have any other scripts running in your game that may crash with this script?

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