Character Machine: Moe Generator by KHMIX

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QUOTE: Painhurt @ Topic:8652

This is a program ive used for some time now, and ive thought of sharing it here.

Create 'Moe' characters with this one.

Just play around with it, its really nothing too complicated. If you really need help though just post here.

Here as some samples:

Author : KHMIX


Download Custom Default Parts Pack (custom parts for the default set)

Download Custom Set Pack (custom set)

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but this generator only make the female character.. x_x\sad smile

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hi i downloaded all 3 links and can you mix the 3 up because i did and it doesnt work but in short the custom packs dont work for me.. help?

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omg i got it i just dnt no how to change the color of the hair -.-

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look at my website :

I create the same application(not yet finish: to save just screenshot)

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I create the same application(not yet finish: to save just screenshot)
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please one helps me that I joined two scripts it was it of two players and other was a minimap (I believe that the second one is his) I do not manage to do them to myself so that the second player appears in the minimap...
I wanted his help obliged...
observation: I speak in portugues (brazil)

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is there a english one PLZZZ i dont understand japanese chinese whatever it is O_o
if you make a english one can you email me the link?
well thanks alot!sad smile

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