VX Caterpillar System by Woratana

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Caterpillar System
Version 2.0
by Woratana
Release Date: 02/03/2009

It's just that one day I feel like scripting caterpillar system. I've never done it before, and it would teach me something.

So I tried, and here is the result.

It's probably need more work to make it perfect. tongue.gif Because I think my algorithm so far is not the best one.
Please let me know if you find any bugs. ^^/


Version 2.0
- Fix direction bug
- Fix vehicle bug
- Add max following members
- Fix dash bug
- More compatible with script that edit Spriteset_Map.create_characters
Version 1.0
- Unlimited following members
- Switch to hide/show following members temporarily


# ● [VX] ◦ Plug 'n Play Caterpillar System ◦ □
# * Create party members follow the player on map *
# ◦ by Woratana [woratana@hotmail.com]
# ◦ Thaiware RPG Maker Community
# ◦ Released on: 29/02/2009
# ◦ Version: 2.0
# ◦ Update:
# □ Version 2.0 (29/02/2009)
# - Fix direction bug
# - Fix vehicle bug
# - Add max following members
# □ Version 1.5 (17/02/2009)
# - Fix dash bug
# - More compatible with script that edit Spriteset_Map.create_characters
# ◦ Compatibility:
# □ This script will rewrite 0 method(s):
# □ This script will alias 14 method(s):
#     Spriteset_Map.create_characters
#     Spriteset_Map.update_characters
#     Game_Player.move_down
#     Game_Player.move_left
#     Game_Player.move_right
#     Game_Player.move_up
#     Game_Player.move_lower_left
#     Game_Player.move_lower_right
#     Game_Player.move_upper_left
#     Game_Player.move_upper_right
#     Game_Player.jump
#     Game_Player.get_off_vehicle
#     Game_Player.moveto
#     Game_Map.setup
# □ This script should work with most scripts
# ◦ Installation:
# 1) This script should be placed JUST BEFORE ▼ Main Process.
# □ Like this:
# ▼ Materials
# ...
# ...
# * Caterpillar System
# ▼ Main Process
# Main
# 2) Setup this script in Setup Part below.
# ◦ How to use:
# □ Place this script and setup in the setup part.

module Wora

  # ++ Setup Part

  # Turn ON this switch to HIDE caterpillar actors
  # Turn OFF this switch to SHOW caterpillar actors

  # Maximum number of the following actors


  def self.add_upd_cater(code = nil)
    # Add new move action to caterpillar
    $game_cateracter.each_index do |i|
      act = $game_cateracter[i]
      eval($cater_movelist[$cater_movelist.size - 1 - i])
    $cater_movelist.push(code) unless code.nil?

  def self.reset_cater_pos
    # Reset caterpillar position
    $game_cateracter.each_index {|i| $game_cateracter[i].refresh }
    $cater_movelist = Array.new(Wora::CATERPILLAR_MAX_ACTORS - 1) {''}

class Game_WCateracter < Game_Character
  attr_accessor :actor

  def initialize(member_id)
    @wmember_id = member_id

  def update(*args)
    actor = $game_party.members[@wmember_id]
    unless actor.nil?
      @character_name = actor.character_name
      @character_index = actor.character_index
      @transparent = ($game_switches[Wora::CATERPILLAR_HIDE_SWITCH] or
    $game_player.in_vehicle? or $game_player.transparent)
      @opacity = $game_player.opacity
      @move_speed = $game_player.move_speed + ($game_player.dash? ? 1 : 0)
      @character_name = ''
      @character_index = 0

  def screen_z
    return $game_player.screen_z

  def check_event_trigger_touch(x, y)
    return false

  def passable?(x, y)
    return true

  def refresh
    @direction = $game_player.direction
    moveto($game_player.x, $game_player.y)

class Spriteset_Map
  alias wora_cater_sprmap_crechara create_characters
  alias wora_cater_sprmap_updchara update_characters
  # * Create Character Sprite
  def create_characters(*args)
    # Remove Game_Player sprite, this will be add later
    ((@character_sprites.size-1)..0).each do |i|
      next if @character_sprites[i].nil?
      if @character_sprites[i].character.is_a?(Game_Player)
    # Create party members sprite
    (1..(Wora::CATERPILLAR_MAX_ACTORS-1)).each do |n|
      @character_sprites.push(Sprite_Character.new(@viewport1, $game_cateracter[n-1]))
    @character_sprites.push(Sprite_Character.new(@viewport1, $game_player))
  # * Update Character Sprite
  def update_characters(*args)
    $game_cateracter.each {|cater| cater.update }

class Game_Player < Game_Character
  attr_reader :move_speed
  unless method_defined?('wora_cater_gampla_movdown')
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movdown move_down
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movleft move_left
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movright move_right
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movup move_up
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movll move_lower_left
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movlr move_lower_right
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movul move_upper_left
    alias wora_cater_gampla_movur move_upper_right
    alias wora_cater_gampla_jump jump
    alias wora_cater_gampla_getoffveh get_off_vehicle
    alias wora_cater_gampla_moveto moveto

    # * Move Down
    def move_down(turn_ok = true)
      Wora.add_upd_cater("act.move_down(#{turn_ok})") unless @move_failed
    # * Move Left
    def move_left(turn_ok = true)
      Wora.add_upd_cater("act.move_left(#{turn_ok})") unless @move_failed
    # * Move Right
    def move_right(turn_ok = true)
      Wora.add_upd_cater("act.move_right(#{turn_ok})") unless @move_failed
    # * Move up
    def move_up(turn_ok = true)
      Wora.add_upd_cater("act.move_up(#{turn_ok})") unless @move_failed
    # * Move Lower Left
    def move_lower_left
      Wora.add_upd_cater('act.move_lower_left') unless @move_failed
    # * Move Lower Right
    def move_lower_right
      Wora.add_upd_cater('act.move_lower_right') unless @move_failed
    # * Move Upper Left
    def move_upper_left
      Wora.add_upd_cater('act.move_upper_left') unless @move_failed
    # * Move Upper Right
    def move_upper_right
      Wora.add_upd_cater('act.move_upper_right') unless @move_failed
    # * Jump
    def jump(x, y)
      wora_cater_gampla_jump(x, y)
    # * Get Off Vehicle
    def get_off_vehicle(*args)
    # * Move to Designated Position
    def moveto(*args)

class Game_Map
  attr_accessor :events

  alias wora_cater_gammap_setup setup
  def setup(*args)
    # Create caterpillar actors
    $game_cateracter = []
    (1..(Wora::CATERPILLAR_MAX_ACTORS-1)).each do |n|
    $cater_movelist = Array.new(Wora::CATERPILLAR_MAX_ACTORS - 1) {''}
- Setup script in the SETUP part
- The complete instruction is included in the script

Author's Notes
Free for use in your work if credit is included.
If you want to post it on any forum, please link to this topic.

Bug Report?
Please give me these informations:
- What is it says in error window?
- When is it get error? (Right after run game, when you choose something, etc.)
- What have you changed in setting part?
- Do you have any other scripts running in your game that may crash with this script?



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Mine keeps saying line 196 name error occured. unitialized constant game_map::wora??? whats it all about?

#210 By ( on 2011-03-30 00:08

-Script 'CATERPILLAR' line 159: NoMethodError occured.
undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
-It happens when I try to load a save file.
-I've not changed anything in setting part.
-I haven't got any other scripts, I tried it in a new project.

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