VX Stealth Detection System by cmpsr2000

posted on 12 Feb 2009 16:41 by boxsuke in Resources, ScriptsVX

* สคริปต์ Stealth Detection เป็นสคริปต์ที่เอาไว้สร้างทหารที่ตรวจจับผู้เล่นเหมือนเกม Metal Gear Solid ครับ เป็นสคริปต์สำหรับ RPG Maker VX คิดว่าน่าจะเอาไปใช้ในระบบเกมเดินฟันได้ด้วยครับผม~


If you want to make game like Metal Gear Solid, or other game with stealth detection system, this script is for you! It will make the event can detect player when player is in its eyesight.

I think this is pretty cool script because it can detect if there is an object in the event's eyesight. You can also set how long and wide the eyesight of each event will be. 

The author made demo for this script, so I think it wouldn't be hard to learn how to use it. ^^/

For example,

The topic of this script can be found here.

You can get the demo from there. I think you may have register to download it.

Here are some screenshots from the topic:


Guard field of view explanations:

Normal Cone Vision:

An obstacle in the way hides the area behind the object:

Tunnel Vision with an obstacle:

Tunnel Vision and True Sight:
This script is by cmpsr2000 at RPG RPG Revolution. However, at the time I post this entry, I think he left the forum. So the bad point about this script is you may not be able to get answer about this script. This is pretty solid script though. I hope you enjoy playing with it.

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